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RE: How to design Reinforced Blast Doors

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I presume that you are following the example in Problem 5A-7(A) page 1598.  If so, just go back to step 17 and use the composite properties then follow it through until you get to step 18 where you calculate the rotation of the composite door.  Repeat the process with added stiffening or reduced stiffener spacing and the resulting composite section properties until you limit the rotation of 3 degrees or less. 

Regards, Harold Sprague


Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 13:18:11 -0500
Subject: How to design Reinforced Blast Doors
From: kapil.nandwana(--nospam--at)
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I am currently working on designing a blast resistant door per TM5-1300 (Now UFC 3_340_02) Manual. The parameters (Blast door is double leaf 187.5 X 196 in, each leaf supported on two sides)are such that using a 2" thick steel plate results in support rotation angle of 3 degree. Now, customer spec requires the limit on rotation to be 2 degrees. We do not want to increase the plate thickness to more than 2", so, I was thinking of using stiffners to reduce the angle of rotation, but the problem is, I don't know how to analyze a blast door with stiffeners.

I am comfortable using TM5-1300 for a monolithic plate but unsure how to analyze a stiffened structure. Can someone help me in locating a reference example from which I can learn the analysis method for stiffened door ?



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