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Re: Career Day Presentation

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        Others have given you some good positive ideas; I'm going to suggest some negative ideas.
        I think it's important that students realize that in any career there are both positive and negative features.  Engineering requires the application of mathematics and other classical sciences; for those who are good at those subjects that would be just great; for those who are not that would be a terrible drag!  Students should be encouraged to find out both the good and the bad things about any career before they make a final career choice.  You do no students a service by drafting them into any career only to have them find out later that they hate what they have to do (or put up with) in order to be successful.  An architect friend/client of mine really put this in proper perspective for me over lunch recently by saying "The two most important choices one makes in a lifetime are the choice of spouse and the choice of career," it would be a mistake not to carefully weigh both decisions.
        Back about 1980 I decided that I needed a change of career, that I was not getting as much as I could out of engineering (this probably had something to do with the phenomenon on known as "mid life crises); so I decided to enroll in an MBA program.  In this program the course that I found most helpful was a course called " Career Life Planning"  This course presented methods of self analysis and the prioritization of one's wants and needs.  On completing this course I came to realize that, as an engineer, I already was in the best and most rewarding career for me.  One of the references used in that course was a book called "What Color is Your Parachute?"  Your wife might find this book useful if she is in the business of helping students make career choices.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: Career Day Presentation

I volunteered to give a 20 minute career day presentation for my wife's school district.  The audience is high school age and the career is structural engineering.
Has anyone done this before and would you be willing to share you presentation outline or slides with me?
Phoenix, AZ