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re Career Days

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In the past  20  years  I've   given  dozens of presentation to students.....  all without a power point presentation.
I've found the best way to lecture  to  children,  students of all ages is by demonstration
I  build bridge models,  building  models  to  show  load  paths.
Give the students  some  challenges...
Simple  problem      One  sheet of paper  and  a  pencil
Can the student  get the piece of paper to support the pencil  supported  by  two   books  at end of the paper ?
What can  be  done to the piece of paper   to make it  support a weight ??
I  bring into  the classrooms ,  career days    examples of our  construction materials.
Small section of a steel  member,    all types of concrete,   Masonry  Block,   Bolts
Getting  back to the paper  problem   can the student  figure out the  paper  needs to be  folded? 
Then  I  show the student a  piece  of  composite metal  deck  showing the we  use  folded  metal to support  concrete
I  could go on and on
I am  NOT  alone in these  demonstrations
One of my colleagues  (Larry Novak ,  PCA)    has his own portable wind-tunnel  used to  show  students,   adults  how  buildings  move !!!!
Larry , I    ( and others )   give this  demonstration  are the IIT EXPO,  and   career  days
Here's a few  pictures
volunteer to  IIT-EWEEK /  Rice Campus -Dupage  
check this out:
THESE PICTURES!         (check them out!)

For 2009 SEAOI was a partner in the hugely successful Science Chicago program.  SEAOI was one of the few engineering societies to be a partner.   Larry Novak  gave a  lecture as part of the Science Saturday program.   The Video of the lecture is posted on Youtube.

view the  30 minute  video  here!


part 1  -


part 2  -


part 3  -    



Make sure you watch the   LEGO Building shake!


 Bob Johnson
volunteer  to 
some additional   pictures:
Load  testing!
Truss  bridge   (triangles!)
Cabled stayed  bridge
  beam  connection
  the inside of a skyscraper