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Re: Plan bracings for beams in SDC 'D'

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If you invert the chevron braces at every level, you would end up with two-story X braces and be able to bypass the unbalanced force requirements you are alluding to (provided you have an even number of levels). Even with an odd number of levels, that would still leave you with only one "monster" beam per bay designed for the bracing forces acting as a couple and resisted in torsion by the beam. Alternatively, you can always consider conventional X braces.
Jeff Coronado, S.E.
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From: Vasu, Ravi
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 9:24 AM
Subject: Plan bracings for beams in SDC 'D'

I have a piperack with longitudinal bracings(inverted V) in OCBF(R = 2.5).  Per AISC 341 section 14.3, the bracing point at the
center of the beam needs plan bracings to satisfy Specification eqn. A-6-7 & A-6-8 (Appendix 6).  
I have few bents (chevron) braced in the other direction also.
My question is, do we need to give the plan bracings for beams at all the chevron bracings connection
Is there any exception/general practice for Piperack to satisfy this clause?
Thanks for your time & reply.
Ravi Vasu

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