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Re: Octagonal shape studio

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We have to deal quite a bit with these in school work for the auditoriums. The crown connection needs to be a custom design and fabrication item. It is the tension ring, and in particular the splices, that you have to design at the top of the wall where the 6x beams are supported where the forces can get rather hefty on you.
If the kick out forces in the tension ring get to be too large, you might want to run a dog bone steel girder across the entire span, and fir it with lumber to give you the appearance you want. Then you are left with 6 simply supported beams framing at the crown.
Jeff Coronado, S.E.
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Subject: Octagonal shape studio

I'm designing a 34 feet diameter octagonal shape studio, vaulted ceiling, 2x6 walls, raised floor, wood shingles, probably Hardy frames, located in California, with 6x10 exposed hip beams and 4x6 exposed RR @ 24"oc. Does anybody has some experience with the connector/detail where the 8 hip beams come together?

Much appreciated,

Marius N. Tomutza EIT


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Subject: RE: 2010 Structural Engineering Review Seminars in Los Angeles and San Francisco
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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 1:50 PM

I attended Ben's seminar 6 years ago, and I could not agree more with Steve's comment.  Highly recommended, even if you are not planning on taking the SE exam, it was great for self-enrichment. 

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Subject: Re: 2010 Structural Engineering Review Seminars in Los Angeles and San Francisco


I attended Ben's seminar last year, and it truly was one of the best educational/practical events I can remember. 

We met, listened to, and interacted with people whom most of as only know from the textbooks and handbooks they wrote on the most important aspects of practical structural engineering (concrete, steel, dynamics, seismic, wind, etc.).  Among others, we had a chance to meet one of the main OSHPD professionals not in a usual root-canal-like plancheck situation.  That gentleman shared with us the invaluable and vast "insider" information on the inner works of OSHPD.      
The value of the seminar is incredible and unsurpassable in both the informational and monetary (cannot beat the price) senses. On top of that, Ben managed to create a home-like, comfortable atmosphere that greatly facilitated productive discussion and efficient learning.

With many thanks to Ben for his hard work, I highly recommend BYA Seminar to all structural engineering professionals.

Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA