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RE: Getting LEED

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Wow!  Maybe we will get another slide show for $500 per ticket, and people flying in from all over the world burning millions of gallons of fossile fuel in corporate jets talking about the evils of fossile fuel and what everyone else needs to do to conserve. 
Regards, Harold Sprague


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I am sure someone will get the Noble Prize for all that work.
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I believe the entire LEED system is under review by many people in that it has been much ado about much less than it first appeared. For example some have checked on buildings that received high LEED ratings a year or two ago (long before up and running) and found that the amount of energy saved was less than half of what was estimated/claimed. Now there is a movement to reholdl awards untiil a year after the building has gone into services and electric and fuel bills can be received and evaluated.
Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA

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