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RE: Galvanizing a Spar Hinge

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I understand your RFI situation so first I’ll refer you to my main marine fender person who also advises us on UHMWPE facing materials.  This material is available in a wide variety of stock sizes that can be cut to suit your specifics.  The marine grade of this is good since it has UV inhibiters.  Contact John Deats, Maritime International, 1-866-265-5273.  Tell him Bob Garner sent you.  His specialty is marine fenders but the UHMWPE is part of the system.


I am coincidently working on some fenders with UHMWPE facing.


Let me know how it goes and if I can help further.


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Robert, could I trouble you for more information on this? This is a marine application, and I'm sorry to say we don't have any in-house details for this (which is rather shocking, IMO).


Do you have a spec? Details? I hate to panhandle, but I'm rather desperate, since I'm dealing with an RFI, here.




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> McMaster Carr has a variety of products that can be put against the faying surfaces.  For starters, check out their moly filled garolite sheets.  When we do similar work in the marine industry, we frequently use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets (UHMWPE) because of their wear and anti-friction properties.  United States Plastic Corp. carries this stuff.