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RE: Galvanizing a Spar Hinge

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Interesting, and thank you.  We’ve mostly been using the thick UHMWPE panels that we fastened with bolts in counterbores for a flush wear surface.  I will explore their bonding.


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Hey, what about this:


Read about their process for bonding UHMWPE sheets to metal surfaces. Now I'm thinking about doing that to the gusset plates. This thing needs to NOT fail in short order.


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> McMaster Carr has a variety of products that can be put against the faying surfaces.  For starters, check out their moly filled garolite sheets.  When we do similar work in the marine industry, we frequently use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets (UHMWPE) because of their wear and anti-friction properties.  United States Plastic Corp. carries this stuff.