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Re: Stainless Steel for Structural Applications

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On Feb 16, 2010, at 6:42 AM, bill(--nospam--at) wrote:

Harold, no. ASCE publishes a cold-formed SS specification that would work quite nicely. In my case, I'm thinking of SS plate, welded to carbon steel. It's a small application and might not be appropriate after all, but the question is of interest even in the abstract.
If you weld cold formed stainless it reverts to the annealed condition, so you lose strength. There used to be an ASCE document about cold-formed stainless provided by International Nickel (maybe now available at < >. This was mostly aimed at ways to use light gauge sections with stiffening formed in (ribs and the like) so you could use less material and and minimize the cost difference between stainless and carbon steel. There wasn't much of a fundamental difference between the design approach, which was based on working stress principles.

The primary structural difference between stainless and carbon steel is the nominally lower elastic modulus and the fact that it's somewhat non-linear, so you have to be more concerned with tangent moduli in some cases. You can get cold-formed stainless sheet that's very strong, but it's still no so stiff. If you're using A-240 plate (presumably 304)it's furnished annealed, so the yield strength is about 30 ksi and the UTS is something like 70 ksi. I don't think I'd even try using AISC limit analysis design before going through it very carefully to make sure that the stability provisions apply. Sounds like you're doing something like a spreader bar with lifting lugs and no a lot of outstanding flanges and thin-wall sections, in which case you could handle the load capacity just like carbon steel. The ASME nuclear code support structure provisions, don't make much of a distinction between austqnitic and ferritic steel except for different bolting allowables.

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