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RE: Deflections

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That is always a debated topic.  I consider gyp. Bd. the same as plaster because once it cracks it will always be visible no matter how you repair the crack or bad tape job.  I know others that use the l/240.   It is always a problem in 2x wood trusses roof systems.  No one considers the differential deflections of adjacent trusses, especially ignorant (clueless) contractors and truss suppliers.



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Subject: Deflections


In the 2003 IBC “Deflection Limits” Fig 1604.3, it gives the limit for Plaster Ceilings.  Does that include drywall, or does drywall fall under Non-Plaster?

Drywall is considerably more flexible than plaster.

I generally use the tighter limits, but this is a situation that truly doesn’t need tight limits.




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