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SEISMIC: Design in Pakistan; General Questions

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I know we've got some engineering brethren here from the subcontinent, so please chime in if you would.


1. What are the seismic design criteria in Pakistan? (The area I'm looking at is about fifteen miles southeast of Karachi).


2. Would use of the NEHERP/ASCE 7/IBC provisions be well-received there?


3. If the answer to no. 2 is "yes," how would we go about conducting a site-specific study to establish the key seismic design parameters? I had thought that the relevant standards addressed that, but they seem to be limited to establishment of site classification, and only touch briefly on the actual spectral acceleration parameters (e.g. NEHRP 3.4). So, has anyone been involve in actually coming up with the site-specific spectral acceleration parameters?


Thanks, that'll do for a start. ;-)