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RE: Cracked Concrete?

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The foundation for a structure located in high seismic zone, will most likely be cracked after a seismic event. If this is a connection that resists seismic forces, I would definitely consider the concrete as such. Also, if you look at the examples in the 2005 PCA Notes on ACI 318, the anchor bolts connecting to foundations in highs seismic zones are designed considering cracked concrete.


Ben Yousefi, SE

Los Angeles, CA


From: Tim Rudolph [mailto:TimRudolph(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 6:36 PM
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Subject: Cracked Concrete?



I am looking at a submittal to replace 16 misplaced anchor bolts for a 38 ft diameter 16 ft tall bolted steel water tank in Seismic demand D area Old Zone 4 . The engineer submitted a epoxy anchorage of a 3/4" all thread rod with a 6" embedment for a 4500 lb tension only load in a grade beam 18"wide 24" deep with #5 stirrups @ 18"oc and 6 # 5 long bars inside the stirrups around the ring. (there are 26 of the 3/4" dia anchor bolts @ 4'7" oc spacing around the grade beam)  They called out for the Simpson SET-EP epoxy and they used the anchor system calc software.  now the question - The engineer did not select that the concrete was cracked.   Should I consider this foundation grade beam an element that requires a cracked section anchor solution?



Tim Rudolph PE