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Seismic compact section for H pile

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Just a discussion on how we take 'b' in b/t for HP12X63, Fy = 50 ksi(for example).
Per AISC 341 section 8.6. for uniform compression on flanges, the allowable b/2t = 0.45*sqrt(E/Fy).  Per Specification,
table B4.1, 'b' is taken as full width of the flange.  I think, b/2 can be = b/2-k1/2, because of the unsupported
projected element width cannot be from the center of the flange/web connection.
That is for HP12X63, b/2t = (12.1-0.875))/(2*0.515) = 10.89 ~= 10.84, making it, seismic compact section.
Is there any back up material/previous discussion on this?
If we take b as full width, then HP12X63 does not work.  We need to go for HP12X74.
Can you input any discussion on this?
Ravi Vasu
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