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Thanks for your suggestion.  One question.  Who decides  ... "...however if you are required to conform to seismic detailing per AISC 341", ?
Is it IBC code, client or engineers like us?  In our case, I want to the follow the IBC code.  I am looking for a set of rules in this case, where everybody is comfortable
with the pile that is slelected.
Thanks for your reply.
Ravi Vasu

I would not necessarily agree with your suggestion.  Pile requirements per IBC 1809 would apply to all piles regardless of seismic design category however if you are required to conform to seismic detailing per AISC 341 then you would need to meet those requirements for your piles.  In other words, based on your argument AISC 341 Section 8.6 would never apply.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.

"Vasu, Ravi" <Ravi.Vasu(--nospam--at)>
03/03/2010 11:16 AM
Please respond to seaint
Pile HP12X63 to check per IBC, Chapter 18?

Our project has 'IBC 2006 code' to follow.  I have a HP12X63 Pile(50 ksi) in my project in SDC 'D'.  I need to check the dimensions including b/2t(b/2t<14, OK).  I referred to IBC 2006, Chapter 18 'Foundations'.  Under steel piles, the HP12X63 satisfies all criterias under 'Steel Piles' per section 1809.3.  In this chapter 18, there is no reference to AISC 341.  I feel, piles comes under 'Foundations', so we need to follow Chapter 18 only.  Like the other piles(like concrete) divided into two sections, one for SDC A,B,C & the other for D,E,F, why Steel is not given in two sections?
We assume, that the section is for SDC A thru F?

Now comes, Chapter 22 for Structural Steel.  It is mentioned to refer to AISC 341 for Structural Steel design. Section 2205.2.2 deals with the Seismically compact section.  A check by section 8.6, AISC 341, HP2X63 does not satisfy b/2t=11.8>10.8 for 50 ksi steel.  We need to go for HP12X74 to satisfy.  

I do not think that we need to check this per AISC 341 (even though, Piles are not in IBC, Chapter 22, but given in AISC341)

Can you pl. give your comments and experience on this Pile 'Compact section'?  Which section we need to satisfy?

Does anybody come across how this formula, b/2t < 0.45*sqrt(E/Fy) 'derived'? (AISC 341, section 8.6)


Ravi Vasu

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