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g r wrote:
Does anyone know if AASHTO addresses the use of only two (prestressed concrete) beams to support the deck per span? Is it specifically prohibited? If not prohibited are their other requirements to be met that would make it dificult or practically impossible to utilize only two beams? Thanks in advance! GR
A few years ago there was some controversy regarding the use of only two steel girders (or ONE steel trapezoidal "tub" girder) for a bridge unit, due to concerns of fatigue and redundancy. That is the only time I've ever heard a limit placed on the number of girders in a unit.

Now, that's not to say there aren't other restrictions I don't know about, but that's the only instance I've ever heard tell of. If you have a very narrow section where "only" two prestressed girders would work, I'm not sure why you couldn't do that so long as the design provisions are met.

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