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Re: Can't see my messages coming back from seaint

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To my knowledge, you should get something from the SEAINT server confirming that you message was successful.   I will be able to see if that is true with this message.

You can always check the SEAINT archives ( to see if your message shows up.  It seems that someone fixed the archives and they are "running properly" again.



On Mar 10, 2010, at 10:14 AM, Joseph R. Grill wrote:

Kind of an off the topic question.  For some time now I am not receiving back my messages from seaint.  I know they are getting there from the replies, but at times I’m not sure because I don’t see them coming back with a “from” seaint.
I think it is an option adjustment in Outlook, as I kind of remember going through this several years ago, but just don’t remember for sure what to do.  Do others have the same problem?  Can anybody help me out?  It’s not a huge deal and will survive otherwise.
Joe Grill
Joseph R. Grill, PE
Verde Valley Engineering, PLLC