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Re: Real Wildlife Overpass

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How do you know it came in last as opposed to it just being mentioned last?  I see nothing in the paragraph that specifically states that consideration was given the least weight.  Thus, it would seem that you are assuming that because it was the last of the three mentioned that it was also the one given the least consideration.

Plus, I would argue that placing such a overpass at a preferred wildlife crossing point also leads to driver safety.  After all, if you put the overpass at a location that the wildlife would not be likely to use it, then you are not helping reduce the chance of wildlife crossing the highway "normally" such that they could still be hit by a car putting the people n the car at risk as well as the wildlife.

Sorry...just my nit-picky nature rearing it ugly head.  <grin>



On Mar 12, 2010, at 10:57 AM, Stan Caldwell wrote:

>  It is interesting that, of the three design considerations, driver safety came last.
> Now I feel better,
> Stan 

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