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Re:Off-topic - I want to be a cartoonist!

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Thanks to all who responded to this thread either here in the group or privately.
Some suggestions have been offered but they are not what I was looking for.
I am attaching my private mail to one of the friends who responded.
Thanks for responding.
I am a lazy fellow.
I am not looking at options like getting trained in the art of drawing by attending classes.
Nor do I want to play around wtih software for sketching. That involves too much work.
I thought that in these modern times tools would be available to do what exactly what I described.
I should have a tool with which I can quickly "assemble"  a cartoon (not draw them) in five or ten minutes, less time than I need for writing these long emails that I am notorious for.
A spreadsheet helps me assemble numbers and text , manipulate them and display  them, and preserve them, share them, edit them and process the information. In the hands of skilled person with domain knowledge  wonders can be achieved with this tool.
We design engineers nowadays have 3 D modeling and drawing tools that help us assemble standard shapes and draw them after we conceive them in our minds. Drudgery involved in our work is eliminated.
Music software is now available that can enable you to compose if you have the notes inside your mind and heart but don't have a decent voice or the finger dexterity to play an instrument. You can edit your compostion, mix them, and simulate an orchestra sitting in front of your laptop.
I am looking for something analogous that will help me to draw a cartoon.
I get innumerable ideas from the events and situations around me.
If there is a willing ear near me, I may talk about these events.
Or,  I  may write about them if time and inclination permit and this forum is one of my sounding boards.
I don't maintain a blog.
I am not so conceited as to believe I can motivate people to come regularly  to my web site to read what I am writing.
I don't want my blog to join the graveyard of thousands of blog posts (some really good) that sprout and, like butterflies, attract some initial attention from close friends and relatives and later slowly fade away.
It's enough to know that my postings in these yahoo group lists are read by some poeple at least.
In these days of time constraints with so many things competing for our attention, and a  breathless pace of life, no one wants to read too much and too long.
Attention spans are less than a minute.
An email that I post to the several forums where I am a member  has the maximum chance of being read if the total length is less than about half a screenful on the monitor.
I have no talent absolutely to be a poet and communicate more profound thoughts using less words.
Besides poetry appreciation among readers is even more scarce.
The few readers I may attract now will turn their backs on me if I start inflicting poetry on them.
I now believe a cartoon would be a nice tool that I could use effectively to communicate some of my thoughts and ideas.
I find the Dilbert Cartoons rollicking. Calvin and Hobbes is another favorite of mine. So is Blondie. I can relate to Dagwood Bumstead.
Cartoons can open  up new possibilities for me. They are easy on the eye of the reader.
Unless you are too profound, or too abstract, you can be easily understood.
Not much effort or time or intelligence is required from your reader and the message can sink in immediately.
It may   succeed where long prose fails.
I have been receiving some leads from friends but nothing so far is exactly what I am looking for.
I will keep looking.
Thanks for responding.