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RE: SIP spec

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Thanks, Harold.  I didn’t realize that APA had gone there yet.  4th draft.


I agree about the ICC ES reports.  Some of the newcomers to the game have done no homework at all, and are somehow managing to sell their product with no testing or report.  In the past I have required a 335# (min) lateral load transfer capacity (with documentation), but it’s time to get more specific.  The building officials in Teton County, WY are getting edgy about some of the crap that’s showing up on jobsites.  Can’t say that I blame them.  But the bottom line so far has been that anyone who can’t meet the 335# req., or for higher load walls, has been willing to build those walls to meet my shearwall spec.  They can always add studs and decrease nail spacing.  Headers can be interesting, too...




Gordon Goodell