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Re: Steel-Detail: Re:Off-topic - I want to be a cartoonist!

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You could try to used "Blender". It is a freeware 3D computer software that it used by professional animator gamers and cartoonist. It is pretty well document it and have scripting tools for animations. However, it takes some time to learn the interface. However, it required good hardware to run efficient.

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 7:29 PM, G Vishwanath <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Yes, Randy, this looks very much like what I had in mind.
But it goes way beyond my initial simple needs.
I am not sure I will have the time and talent to exploit this software fully.
Besides this costs money ($299 for the startup pack going all the way to $1599 for the full featured professional version)
It seems suitable for some one who is a creative media professional.
To begin with I would prefer to experiment with any free stuff that might be available on the net even if the capabilities are limited.
If I find myself getting  to be good at this sort of thing, I can consider buying this particular software package.
No one is going to pay for reading my creations and so it makes no sense to invest money on getting this particular package now.
However the demo was impressive and interesting.
I have saved up this information for the future.
Thanks for your help.
I am taking the liberty of posting your mail and my reply publicly for the information of others too.

--- On Fri, 3/19/10, Randy Sedlacek <rls(--nospam--at)> wrote:

From: Randy Sedlacek <rls(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Re: Steel-Detail: Re:Off-topic - I want to be a cartoonist!
To: "G Vishwanath" <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)>
Date: Friday, March 19, 2010, 7:34 PM

Hi Vish,

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it might work. There is a product called StoryBoard which is used to create storyboards for video and film productions. It uses cartoon like figures and objects to simulate scenes in movies to help filmmakers plan their shots. I have a copy of it, but have never really used it much. 

Perhaps it would work for your needs. Here is a link to their web site.

Randy Sedlacek