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Re: Requirements for PE Sealing for Fabricated Material

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It would depend on who is requiring the drawings to be sealed.

If it is the local jurisdiction requiring the drawings to be sealed, then it would need to be a PE for the state in which the local jurisdiction resides.  While a local code official might allow a PE seal/license from another state, I would not advise an engineer to do such a thing as that state where the local jurisdiction resides might see that as practicing engineering in their state without a license...and could potentially result in problems for that engineer either in that state or some or all of the states in which they are licensed (state licensing boards tend to talk to each other these do something bad in one state and it can have repercussions in some or all of the states in which you are licensed).

If the "EOR" is requiring it but is ultimately still taking overall responsibility and just wants it sealed to "make them comfortable", then that EOR might not require it to be in the state of the local jurisdiction.  In other words, if the local jurisdiction is not requiring the "item" to be designed and sealed by a PE (or SE) and only the EOR is requiring it, then it technically should not matter.

Overall, it is best to have it sealed by a PE in the state of the local jurisdiction where it will be installed.



On Mar 30, 2010, at 4:31 PM, bill(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I've got some calculations for some steel items that will be fabricated and assembled in one state, but permanently installed in another.
> It seems to me that the seal on the calculations should be for the state where they will be installed, but in this case the engineer's seal is for the state in which they are being fabricated.
> Does it matter?

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