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Re: Perforated Metal

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It really depends on the function and aesthetic.

Tension net if large deflections can be aesthetically tolerated (don't
forget the catenary forces to the supports).

Bending, otherwise.

As for design, it depends on how sophisticated you need to get. It may be
sufficient to do a one way beam analysis. Consider the section properties to
be the net properties over a unit width. There's always Roark's for
restrained plate analysis.

Ultimately, it may be less time/expense and more "feel good" comfort to rig
a test with some sandbags.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
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> From: Richard Calvert <RichardC(--nospam--at)>

> I have a project which contains perforated aluminum plates, subject to wind=
> loads only, fastened on all four edges.  Where might I find design methods=
> for such a system?
> Would one consider this to be a pure bending system, or is treating it as s=
> omething of a tension net appropriate?
> Thank you
> Richard Calvert, EIT
> Project Engineer

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