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Re: Perforated Metal

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On Apr 2, 2010, at 9:21 AM, Paul Ransom wrote:

As for design, it depends on how sophisticated you need to get. It may be sufficient to do a one way beam analysis. Consider the section properties to
be the net properties over a unit width. There's always Roark's for
restrained plate analysis.

There's a lot of literature around for doing certain types of perforated plates--the problem is fairly common with shell-and-tube heat exchangers and there's a reasonably accurate approach shown in the ASME Code, Section VIII Div 1. If you consider membrane forces, and your edge supports can handle the loading, you'll need an estimate of the stiffness in bending and tension, which you can get from the ASME Code. If it were my problem I'd make a finite element model, which is a fairly easy thing as FEA goes, because the hole patterns repeat, but I'd still do some manual estimates first.

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