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Re: Perforated Metal

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It depends. That is the typical engineer's answer to a question.

To act as a tension net (caternary), there has to be restraint and a good amount of rotation at the support. So it depends on the bending stiffness of the plate. If there is a lot of deflection under load, the plate may act as a caternary, but if the deflections are in the range that we usually use for beam design, a beam/plate model will give better results.

Having said that, I think aluminum has a limited capacity for fatigue. So if it subject to wind loads, and it is deforming enough to develop caternary stresses, it probably will not last very long.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Cascade Engineering, Inc.
245 SE 4th Ave, Suite B
Hillsboro, OR  97123-4033

I have a project which contains perforated aluminum plates, subject to wind=
loads only, fastened on all four edges.  Where might I find design methods=
for such a system?

Would one consider this to be a pure bending system, or is treating it as s=
omething of a tension net appropriate?

Thank you

Richard Calvert, EIT
Project Engineer

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