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Re: Testing Epoxied Anchors

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I looked at your comments a second time and realized that perhaps the Contractor thought this was something you were going to do or arrange. I worked for a large consulting firm once that gave brief seminars on specification writing in which they emphasized proper English. One of their points was to put statements in the active sense rather than the passive, i.e. "the contractor shall arrange to have special inspection performed" or something like that. Perhaps that is what you had in your specs, but your e-mail gives the other feeling.

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I have seen this done many times. There may be some inaccuracies due to the wide variations in K factors, but try to match the K to the actual condition of the rods used in the field. Also, you will only be testing the bond strength (not concrete breakout), but this is probably appropriate for a verification type test. Hope that helps.
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Subject: Testing Epoxied Anchors

I performed the engineering on a seismic retrofit of a 2 story concrete exterior wall and wood roof/2nd floor building and used epoxied threaded rod anchors to connect the exterior walls to the roof/floor framing. Even though each detail had the note "Special Inspection Required",(and underlined), plus my inspection notes said that all epoxied anchors shall have "Spcial Inspection During Installation", the contractor failed to do this!

The space is very tight where the anchors have been installed and I think it is just about impossible to set up an aparatus to "pull test" the anchors and would like to torque test them using the formula of T=(KxDxFp)/12 to get the equivelent torque for required anchor tension, (2x the design load).

Does anyone have any comments on this?

Thanks in Advance,

Larry Hauer S.E.

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