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Unusual Joist Designation

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Fellow Listers,

I am reviewing an existing building from 1955 with long span joist roof framing.  I am unfamiliar with the joist designations that were used.  They are:

#5620 - Wt 63#/LF
#5420 - Wt 63#/LF
#5219 - Wt 57#/LF
#5018 - Wt 52#/LF
#4818 - Wt 52#/LF
#4616 - Wt 45#/LF
#4215 - Wt 41#/LF
#3814 - Wt 36#/LF

The joists have clear spans ranging from 88 feet to 58 feet.  I am assuming that the first two digits of the designation are the depth of the joist in inches.  I am also assuming that the Wt is the weight of the joist in question.

I would like to know the capacity of the joists to ascertain whether they are strong enough to withstand the weight of a new roof that the architect wants to add.  Does anyone know where I could find load tables for joists with these designations.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond directly to me as I am in digest mode.

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