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Re: Faking it

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The article concludes, "The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, part of Maryland's labor department, suggests that consumers and employers check whether a person or business is licensed before hiring them for a job. "

What about cases where a *licensed* professional is posing as an engineer? Almost two years ago I turned an engineer in to BPELS for alleged incompetence. So did a couple of other people. As of Friday, the complaints are still being processed at BPELS, and have been "recommended for referral to the attorney general's office". When they actually *get* referred to the AG's office is anyone's guess, as is how long the AG will take to prosecute. In the meantime if you check this engineer's license information online, his status comes up as "clear". I'm sure that wrongful accusations have been made, and I know I would want protection from a client or other person who complained against me without cause. But the current rules of procedure seem to favor protecting incompetent individuals rather than the public.

Anyone have suggestions on how to change this? Maybe allowing professional societies to provide review of complaints and the defendant's responses thereto? Limiting the length of time allowed for hearings, appeals, etc.? Perhaps other licensing rules could be adjusted such that if an individual has already been disciplined by a professional board then his/her license is suspended immediately upon any subsequent complaint, or if a third violation is determined valid then his/her license is permanently revoked. BPELS staff told me that they spend quite a bit of their investigative resources on a handful of 'repeat offenders'. (Indeed, BPELS has disciplined subject of this post twice in the past). Perhaps while a case is in progress, once a response has been filed to the original complaint then both the complaint and the individual's response should be made public for potential clients to review, so they could decide whether they want to trust their life or assets to the individual under investigation.

<<<NOTE: I've already written to my state representatives--if you'd like a draft of my letter, e-mail me privately>>>

Just some thoughts. Makes you wonder about your doctor, CPA, attorney (not to mention manicurist... hey, it's one thing if a building collapses, but if your nails look bad? Whoa!)


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