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RE: Use of Shrinkage Compensating Admixture in Ice Rink Slab

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I would be very concerned about this application.  This will require a lot of study.  I would be very concerned about the flyash and the lack of air.  I am not familiar with Catexol 200 SCA.  Italcementi Group makes a Catexol 2200 SCA.  Was this just a stuck key issue?
I would suggest the following:
1.  Find out where Catexol 200 (or 2200) SCA has been used in a similar application and contact the contractor and batch plant for any input regarding batching, placement, curing, and performance.
2.  Contact the Italcementi Group for any technical advice. 
3.  Acquire any testing or experience data from any independent testing labs.
4.  Contact the PCA or CTL for technical advice.
5.  Have the ASTM C 878 tests performed.
6.  Review Section 10 of ACI 301.  Even though it is not quite the same, there are common concerns.
7.  Do a test placement. Using the same placement and transportation methods that will be used for construction.
8.  Have a pre-construction meeting with all of the parties to determine concerns. 

Regards, Harold Sprague


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Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 12:48:02 -0400
Subject: Use of Shrinkage Compensating Admixture in Ice Rink Slab

I have been asked to review a set of drawings for an ice skating rink that will use shrinkage compensating admixture (Catexol 200 SCA).  Although I have experience with the use of shrinkage compensating concrete (Type K) for slab on grade construction in warehouses I do not have any experience with the product specified for the ice rink.


A review of the slab details indicates that there are no control joints or provisions for the initial expansion of the concrete like would be required with Type K cement not to mention that the slab will be restrained by the embedded refrigeration lines. The mix design calls for Type I cement with flyash and no air-entrainment.


Does anyone have any insights into the appropriateness of this type of slab construction for an ice rink.


Thank you for any input you can provide.


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