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Re: CGI Sheets

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On Apr 23, 2010, at 6:12 AM, Shiraz Shahid wrote:

I am looking for a table with properties (gage, weight, strength, etc) of Corrugated Galvanized Iron (CGI) sheets. Plus information on corrosion protection, whats the life of the galvanization used on such sheets normally.
Do yourself and everyone a favor and try a Google search to narrow things down. I got just over 600,000 hits from a search on <galvanized steel thickness> Every standard reference has a list of standard sheet thicknesses both US Customary and ISO/metric, so youmight try your own bookshelf first.

Corrosion resistance depends very strongly on the atmosphere. If you're careful about maintenance you can use galvanized sheet in sea water, but industrial atmospheres can vary all over the place.

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