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Blast Door : Rebound Pin Design

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Hi :

I have to design the rebound pin for a blast door application. I have already determined the required plate thickness (1.25") and Reaction force acting on each along the edge (assuming simply supported plate) per UFC Manual. 

Next, the force on each of the rebound pin was found (26710 lbf). Now, I have to determine the diameter of the pin and length of the pin to be engaged inside the bore of the door
frame. There is a 1/8in clearance between the diameter of pin and bore diameter ( loose fit ).

Now my questions : 

1) How will the force of 26710 lbf be distributed when the rebound pin gets engaged inside the bore. Can I assume that it will be distributed uniformly along the length of the pin engaged inside the door frame bore ? 

2) Also, how good is the assumption that the plate is simply supported during rebound ? I mean isn't there a possibility that the rebound pin rotates inside the bore, comes in contact at top and bottom and then resist rotation ? How can I check it. 

3) What should be the length of the pin engaged inside the bore, so that the possibility of pin sliding out from the bore during a blast is prevented ?

Thanks for your help.