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RE: Economics of CFS Framing

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Also depends on the material properties. Here cold formed steel typically
has minimum yield strength of 450MPa versus 300 MPa for hot rolled steel. If
deflection is not a controlling factor, and here we don't have mandatory
deflection limits, then cold formed steel can be economical.  It can
eliminate the need for cranes and allow more manual handling. It is readily
available and can be supplied relatively quickly. Here it is also less
expensive and lighter than some of the larger glulams. Also depends on the
manufacturers focus: here they are focused on girts and purlins, which are
otherwise used for main frames of light industrial sheds. Studwork only
really available for residential type construction. Consequently we have a
lack of large plain channels.

But I believe in the USA, and just about any where else on the planet there
is a far greater variety of sections, and nesting sections available. The
suitability of the Coldformed sections is just limited by the imagination.

And if AS4600 and AISI are still in parallel, then the emphasis is
coldformed not thinwalled, and materials can be up to 25mm thick. Rollformed
tend to have maximum length of 12m, possibly 18m by preorder, whilst custom
sections folded on a brake press limited to about 6m length. Some
manufacturers have portable equipment and can rollform to full length on
site. Though tends to be limited to residential for framing, whilst cladding
and gutters for any application.

The main economic benefits appear to be with respect to availability, speed
of supply, handling and continuity of members.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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