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RE: Tip for computer users

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Another useful tip: is to modify explorer shortcuts in the following way.
(As Scott indicates need explorer set to display full path in address bar.)

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,/root,  %1

Where %1 is replaced with the desired path (eg. Paste path in place of %1).
Can also create a batch file (.bat) with the command and prefix %1 with part
of the path (batch file uses %1, path is supplied when batch file called).

The command launches explorer with the given path as the root of the
explorer tree. So cannot see any folders above or at the same level as the
root node. Explorer doesn't have to scan the whole harddisk, just the
contents of the node.

It is useful for creating toolboxes of shortcuts to software, instead of
looking at all the applications on the start menu. Or just looking at the
files of the current job.

I use the Run command (windows key R) and type:

Xproj jobnumber

Where jobnumber is the actual job number, no need to type in the full path,
just the unique part of the folder name, the rest is in the batch file.
Explorer then opens on the project. If my lap top connected to server then
explorer opens on project on server, if not connected then opens project on
local harddisk. Saves a lot of clicking and the run command has a history,
so only have to type in once.

As for other needs to get fullpaths and filenames, I typically use Excel/VBA
to build lists of files in folders and subfolders, then write other macros
to process the batch of files. (eg. Convert collection of DXF files into DWG
files using ACAD LT. Or grab design parameters from project specific Excel
workbooks and summarise projects in a single Excel file.)


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