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Re: First visit to USA

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Welcome to the United States and to California
San Francisco is a great place to visit. 
Too bad I will not be able to meet you in person, as I am going to be there only on the 29th.

Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA

G Vishwanath wrote:

I've been a member of this list for about 9  years.
During this period, I have made quite a few friends and often correspond with them off the list on a variety of subjects, not necessarily technical.

I am now in USA, for a short holiday.
This is my first visit to USA.
I am living with my daughter and son-in-law in Fremont, California.
I will be here till June 23

I would welcome any opportunity to meet any one located nearby or at least talk on the telephone to some of you.
I have got myself a temporary sim card for my cell phone valid till Jun 21
I can be reached at 510 648 1306
If any of you who know me through my mails to you, writes to me and gives me his / her telephone number, I will be pleased to call you.

I've been here nearly a week and so far everything looks and feels great and I am enjoying myself.

(G Vishwanath, from Bangalore, India)