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Wind Loads on Roof Mounted Solar Panels

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I have been asked to check the existing framing on a roof for the installation of a bank of solar panels.  The roof is flat and is framed with solid sawn light timber.


I am trying to put together the wind loads on the panels to be used in conjunction with the gravity loading to check the existing framing.  I am looking at figure 16-18A as the panels are set at an angle and on frames which are above the roof surface.  I think the air flow is “unobstructed”.


I can find no definition of the Load cases A&B.  Do these Load Cases have to do with the wind direction?  Figure 6-18B shows one wind direction but both load cases A&B.  Any help with this question?


I guess as long as I am asking, I am pretty sure 6-18A is correct but should C&C loading be used?  I am guessing they will be pretty close to the same.





Joseph R. Grill, PE

Verde Valley Engineering, PLLC