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Re: Wind Loads on Roof Mounted Solar Panels

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From a practical standpoint (ahem, this may have nothing to do with codes....) by adding panels you are not creating more wind.  Depending on the orientation of the panels, you may increase the area presented to horizontal wind force--but it seems unlikely that you would now have two layers of structure that would accumumlate uplift forces.
For instance, you say your panels are tilted (I assume toward the south).  If the wind comes from a direction that makes the panels act as 'scoops' (wind from the north) then you might have maximum uplift on the panels:  accumulated pressure on the underside of the panels from the "scoop" action plus uplift due to the Bernoulli effect of moving air above the panels.  But the uplift from the "scoop" pressure on the panels is counteracted by the wind stagnation pressure against the existing roof that is created by the panels' acting as scoops--potentially the rafters are not going to have any increase in uplift.
This may have nothing to do with the code or what you need, but I've had to point this sort of thing out in the past.
Thor Matteson, SE