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Part II Re: Wind Loads on Roof Mounted Solar Panels

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> From: "Thor Matteson" <thorm(--nospam--at)>

> plus uplift due to the Bernoulli effect of moving air above the panels.  But
> the uplift from the "scoop" pressure on the panels is counteracted by the
> wind stagnation pressure against the existing roof that is created by the
> panels' acting as scoops--potentially the rafters are not going to have any
> increase in uplift.

> This may have nothing to do with the code or what you need, but I've had to
> point this sort of thing out in the past.

> Thor Matteson, SE

Thanks, Thor.

The counteracting forces are valid, from the perspective of the truss &
down. However, there may be much higher forces than anticipated passing
through the point of concern ... the fastener into the truss/panel holding
the solar panel onto the roof. Also, as you point out, this may be extremely
location sensitive (windward/leeward/side edges).

Screw the code, this is REAL engineering.

Paul Ransom, P.Eng.
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