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RE: Post-Installed Anchors - again

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Speaking of which, I just found out that Hilti wont approve the use their HUS-H anchors for a shielded outdoor application (i.e. humidity only, not near ocean) – regardless of the information touting “corrosion resistance” in the technical manual. 


This all came about because the box sent to the contractor had a warning about corrosive environments.  Why would they tell contractor but not the designer?  Irritating.


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I think you are right- but why go through the manual calculation when there are all of the free post-installed anchor software programs out there, (Hilti, Simpson, Powers)? They have made the codes so complicated that you are more likely going to miss something trying to do a hand calc than inputting bad info into a software program.
Larry Hauer S.E.
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> Subject: Post-Installed Anchors - again
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> I hate to bring this up again, but ....
> If I want to anchor some mechanical and electrical equipment to a concrete slab on grade for seismic (SDC E), I need to design the anchors for the design force times 1.3 (ASCE7 - bolts in concrete), 2.5 (ACI App.D for ductility) and 1/0.75 (per IBC; Ch. 14.2.2). In addition, there is special inspection.
> Is that all still correct? Is there any new development I'm missing? (I hope, I hope)
> thanks,
> Mark Johnson
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