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RE: Possible Enercalc Load Combination Problem

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To comment on this, I have had a lot of problems with Enercalc recently. It locks up and will not respond sometimes, after I finish a calc then I hit Save if I switch to another program, such as Autocad,  then Enercalc will pop back up a few seconds later siezing control of the mouse. Then I have to click back over onto the Autocad program. 
In my opinion I think Enercalc is a terrible program for the money you pay for it. If you buy a computer program for $1500 then that program should have had all the bugs worked out of it before it goes on the shelf. Not sure why they have all of these problems unless they have a limited staff and the owner is trying to save money by not paying for people who know how to program and or debug the software correctly.
If I sold a product as faulty as Enercalc I would feel ashamed that my name is attached to such a product....just saying.
Erik Gibbs
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Subject: RE: Possible Enercalc Load Combination Problem

I found a good steel beam design program in ASDIP. They used ASD, but now they have some new steel LRFD design programs which appears to be written in a new language. They are improving their software.


Jorge Jimenez, PE



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Thanks for the advice.  I have restarted and rebooted with no effect.  I have contacted Tech Support and Michael Brooks is working on it.  For now, I am using the ASD method for my steel beam design.  Fortunately I have not had any need for the concrete beam module yet.


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I’ve found that enercalc is very buggy anymore (seems like they switched from basic/C to maybe java(?) and it didn’t migrate well), and the software needs to be restarted frequently to trust the results. 

Hence, save and restart the software to see if this fixes your problem.  Otherwise send a mail to their support (if you’ve purchased the support for the latest release…)

From: Adam Vakiener [mailto:avakiener(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 11:40 AM
Subject: Possible Enercalc Load Combination Problem


I recently installed Enercalc 6.1.50 on my computer.  It appears that the beam design module is now incorrectly using the ASD load combinations from the 2006 IBC, when analyzing/designing steel beams using the LRFD method as well as concrete beams.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?

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