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Hi Erik,

I wanted to respond to your unfortunate negative comments about ENERCALC

It is true we've had a battle with two issues that caused lockups. First was
thread synchronization between the 3 to 7 processes that run in parallel to
host the 
user interface. Making sure they are always aligned, especially on
CPU's has been a tough one. That issue is 99.7% solved and all prior
rebuilt with the solution.

Second was a bug in the sketch subsystem that we sublicense from another
firm. Their 
software would hang at a particular and critical subroutine call on Vista
Windows 7 systems. It was exceedingly difficult to duplicate and we had to
rely on a 
small set of users to help us debug it. It took nine months before we
finally found a 
solution 2 months ago.

In regards to your experience, your Maintenance & Support plan expired over
a year ago 
so you have not been able to get all of the updates we've generated....part
of which is
to solve these issues. So your usage is at least 6 months old since that is
last time we communicated via email on 25 Nov 2009.

However, recently we rebuilt all of the older releases to include the fixes
to the 
issues mentioned above and sent the user base download information. That
email would 
have gone to the registered owner of the license you are using.

Please contact us directly at support(--nospam--at), including your user
number, and we can send a link to that new build of your old version so that
you can
have the benefit of the solution. I would be VERY surprised if those issues
you mentioned 
existed. We have not witnessed problems in this area for many months.

Creating software in the modern computing environment is exceedingly
complex. If you 
are not a seasoned professional software developer it would be difficult to
all the work it takes to have software conform to the current computing
world.  It was 
great 25 years ago when we simply used a spreadsheet, but spreadsheets just
can't do a 
satisfactory job of providing professional grade programs!

As to the other comment regarding programming language, we do not use Java
or Visual 
Basic as they are not "low level" enough like C.

The problem that Mr. Vakiener mentioned about load combinations was a
regression in the 
initial release of Version 6.1.50 that was fixed almost immediately and is
in all install and update programs now available.

It is important to address comments like this where others might take the
offered as fact about current software. I thought it especially relevant
because the 
earlier releases of Version 6 certainly had issues with lockups that drove
us and 
the users crazy!

We do not monitor this chat group. If you have questions please contact 
support(--nospam--at) directly as only there can proper answers to your
questions be provided.


Michael Brooks

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