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Laced - beam and unbraced length

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I have a project where we would like to use two beams in parallel to support a load. The two beams will be separated by about 24 inches and will have  25 foot unbraced lengths. I was considering providing angle bracing across the top and bottom flanges at about a 45 degree (2.5 ft longitudinal to 2 ft trans) and calculating the Lr and Lp based on the combined section Iy properties – then calculating the bending capacity for each member (based on Lb vs. Lr composite_). Obviously both members could fail together (as could any single beam) but can the combined section be used to compute the lateral buckling limit state- for a trussed section? In other words is it reasonable to get a higher lateral torsional limit by linking the sections. Is there a reference for this in AISC?





Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.