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Sealed Shop Drawings

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I am the engineering department in steel fabricator. I will not seal any shop drawing regardless of what is in the contract documents. Engineering registration laws specify that I can seal only those documents prepared under my personal supervision and they are pretty specific to what that is including proximity to the drawing preparation. If shop drawings are prepared in another state, I have no access to their preparation. If I find this requirement noted, I will send in an RFI stating what the law is and why I can't seal the drawings.   I am pretty involved in the detailing process so I can write a letter and place my seal on it staing that the shop drawings meet the requirements of the plans and specifications.
To date, I have never gotton a coherent statement from any engineer about why the shop drawings need to sealed. Typically the response has been along the vein of "Because I said to."  Any connection calculations are always sent as a separate sealed package along with shop drawing submittals. I do not understand why anyone would require drawings that go to the shop have an engineer's seal on them. I have always regarded the sealing requirement to be an attempt to shift liability off the design engineer.