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Built-up wood beam

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Ok, since we are all sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, I have a design problem I have not been able to find a good design procedure for:

How does one calculate the fastener requirements for the laminations for a built up beam? I'm not talking about the shear flow VQ/I equation. I'm talking about laminations that share the same neutral axis, but do not all have bearing support. A typical example would be a 4X12 beam supported on 4X4 posts. 2X12's are sistered on the sides of the 4X12 to increase bending strength and reduce deflection. The 4X12 bearing and 4X4 post are adequate, so the 2X12's are not supported at the ends. How does one calculate the fasteners of the 2X12s to the 4X12?

I'd like to find a general procedure that could be applied to wood, steel, concrete, or mixed materials. If anyone has seen a procedure, I would greatly appreciate a reference.


Dmitri Wright, PE
Cascade Engineering, Inc.
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