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RE: Parking Structure Topping & Sealant

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There is a huge reservoir of specifications contained on the WBDG web site. 
For specifications go to:
Don't forget to provide control joints directly above the joints in the double tees.  If you don't they will form on their own.  Have the contractor either tool the joints in the plastic concrete or use a Soft Cut early entry saw with the anti-ravel skid pad and have the cut them within 4 hours of placement. 
I don't know what you are using for crack control reinforcement, but I would advise epoxy coated WWR. 
For your Texas location, they will probably place at about 2:00 am.  If this is a new project, have the precaster rake the top surface to get a good bond.  Have them fog the surface prior to placement and vacuum off any standing water.  The surface should be wet enough to where water pools indicating that the surface has taken up all the water that it can hold.  But there should be no standing water. 
I like having foggers especially if the wind comes up.  It will preclude plastic shrinkage cracks. 
Have a preplacement meeting with the GC, pumper, placer, supplier, testing lab, inspector, etc.  to make sure everyone is coordinated.  They should know weather predictions for rain, heat, humidity, and wind.  Even with all that, I like foggers.  You can use a liquid membrane after you get a set and can walk the concrete.  But the foggers will help you until you can get on the slab.  Do not let them use a sprinkler.  You will get surface degradation.  If you allow liquid membranes, have them apply it in 2 passes 90 degrees to one another to avoid holidays in the membrane. 

Regards, Harold Sprague


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Subject: Parking Structure Topping & Sealant
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 21:33:55 -0500

I’m putting together a written specifications and looking for help with some products.  I would like recommendations for the best product to use for concrete topping slab joint sealant on a parking garage type structure.  Also, any surface preparation and primer.  The surface is exposed to the sunlight. 


I’m also looking for suggestions for the topping slab itself.  I have a double tee floor structure.  I’m planning on a 3” concrete topping, 4,000 psi, field poured.  I have specified a 0.40 w/c content, 4-6% air.  The location is Texas.


I would appreciate any sample written specifications that anyone may want to submit to me regarding the topping and sealant.