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Tip from Vish (Saving web pages for reading later)

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I spend quite a bit of my time browsing the net.
Here is something I found interesting and useful.

Like me, do you often find something interesting at a web site?
You would like to read it but you are in a hurry.
However you would like to read it later.

Remembering the web page address or link is not easy and convenient either.
Of course you can add it to your list of favorites.
But how many favorites are you going to collect over the months and years?
Besides a single web page can't enjoy being a favorite for long.

Here is an easy way.
I stumbled on
Just register with your own user name or email address.
You don't have to give your email password if you don't want to.
The procedure is simple and rapid.
No unnecessary questions.

The site offers you a "Read Later" icon.
Simply drag this icon to your Bookmarks Tab at the top of your browser window.
That's all.

The next time you spot something interesting you want to put away for later reading, simply click on Bookmarks in your browser window and click on the newly added "Read Later".
The web page is safely tucked away on line in your own private area.

Collect as many of these web pages as you please.

When you finally want to read them, go to
Log in with your email id and give your password only if you had stored your password at the time of registering. I did not. Why part with passwords unnecessarily and why load your weakening memory with one more password?

All the pages you stored will be available to you.
You can archive them or delete them or print them.
They stay there till you decide to get rid of them.

I found this a quick way to prepare a web magazine to read.
I can have the pleasure of being my own editor and publisher of this magazine.
Simply collect what you find interesting and put it away to read later.

Go ahead and try it.
I did and I am happy with it.
There's nothing to lose.

The web proves something often repeated.
The best things in life are free.