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[CONCRETE] Cold-Joint in Ell-shaped Spandrel

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 Hi, folks.

I'm working with a contractor to cast a replacement spandrel beam, which will be "ell-shaped." The ledge will support existing Double-Tee precast prestressed joists with topping.

in casting such a beastie, the top of the ledge would be "open" (i.e. not covered by formwork) to allow embeds. When the pour occurs, it makes sense you could only pour to the level of the top of the ledge, let that "set up" a bit, then finish the pour. But that would lead to a "cold joint" at that level of the first pour.

Personally I don't have a problem with the cold joint. There is sufficient steel across the interface (#3 @12") to hold everything together, and the beam behavior should also not be affected.

Comments or suggestions?

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