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Re: A563 Nut Question

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Thanks Drew,

Charlie Caitz, PE
Annapolis, MD

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Subject: Re: A563 Nut Question

You might try Elocone nuts (  Apparently the nuts have a thinner diameter and can fit into the baseplate holes.  Using post-installed anchors may be possible depending on the loads and whether there is much uplift.  Can you enlarge the diameter of the holes in the baseplate and chip away the concrete to get a coupler in?

canitzcf(--nospam--at) wrote:
I believe that past messages regarding welding (e.g., to a base plate) of the subject nut have indicated that this was not possible since it is considered a "non weldable" material.

I have ASTM A 563 and noticed that Table 1 lists the carbon composition for the various grades up to a maximum of 0.55% to 0.58%. Hence, the corresponding CE > 0.55.

Grade DH, however, lists the low end carbon composition around 0.2%. Does this mean that if the related mill cert provides a chemical composition with a resultant CE < 0.55 that this particular nut could be welded?

My question relates to a field issue where the column base anchor rods are too short. The classic fixes of extending the rods with a coupling nut or extending the rods with a new rod via a full pen weld (assuming that the existing rods are weldable) may not work.

Currently, I'm thinking that the use of adhesive anchors may be the only solution.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Annapolis, MD

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