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RE: Excel macros

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Check the service pack number for Office 2003. I was recently having problems with the name manager add-in and some of the built-in add-ins to Excel. The name manager web site said some problems were caused by SP3, and that detect and repair on the Excel help menu normally fixes the problem. I didn’t have SP3 installed, and detect repair didn’t help. Manually downloading and installing SP3 fixed the problem. For some reason automatic update didn’t install this service pack, and manually checking for available updates didn’t identify it.


Note this is SP3 for Office, not SP3 for windows.


If this doesn’t fix it, then may need to look at the VBA code, and check if anything on your system that it may reference has changed. If you can access the code then, err.description, will provide a description of the error. Errror 1004 doesn’t appear to be a standard VBA error, but maybe a specific Excel Error. Error 31004 standard and possibly related means no object: so may be a named range or worksheet has been deleted or renamed, likewise renaming workbook may be a problem.


Also use system restore to back track the computer to a date before the last windows update and date before macro was last operating.


Otherwise may be some one at ExcelCalcs can help.


Or I can look at the workbook and VBA code if that isn’t a problem.



Conrad Harrison

B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust



South Australia