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good light framing reading...

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Sure plenty of you get Structure Magazine, but the latest issue has
some very useful light framing articles and interesting discussions
for the everyday small time engineer, many of which have been
discussed over the years on this list. Hope you may find it useful:

I especially liked the eave blocking article, as I have
discussed/argued the need for this with structural engineers and
others throughout my career. One thing to keep in mind that is not
mentioned in the article (probably because it is not exactly related
to blocking), especially in high wind areas, is the out-of-plane shear
force developed due to wind perpendicular to the wall, and the
connection strength to transfer this lateral bracing force into the
roof truss and diaphragm. If you are not using roof blocking and are
relying on the connection for shear and uplift transfer, you may have
a situation where you have uplift, out-of-plane and in-plane forces
all simultaneously reacting on that connection. Mainly I am thinking
of when the wind direction would be 45 degrees, but I suppose you
could then reduce the wind forces accordingly (cos 45). But because
most structures I have dealt with are in V>110mph areas and use
trusses with overhangs, I design blocking or diagonal bracing as the
shear diaphragm load path into the wall, so the connection "has one
less thing to do."

Now I hope to have an opportunity to use some of this knowledge soon!

Bright side in the US at least, football season is almost here!

Andrew Kester, PE

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