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RE: stone veneer anchorage

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Title: stone veneer anchorage



I think the latest recommendations I’ve heard for stone veneer anchorage are still fairly similar to the brick requirements. The significant change for both in high-seismic regions is to use annular threaded/ring shank nails or screws to attach the tie to the backup. Recent seismic testing of masonry veneer assemblies shows that standard nails don’t have enough withdrawal strength to avoid pullout of the ties during out-of-plane shaking. With threaded nails or screws the tie remained attached to the backup; the brick eventually fell off the ties at SDC E level shaking.






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Subject: stone veneer anchorage



I have 4” thick real (rubble) stone veneer on a CMU chimney in seismic zone D, and the architect tells me that the county is asking for an attachment detail.  I know the anchorage requirements have changed and probably are still changing.  Last time I dealt with it was several years ago and the MSJC requirements seemed like they were geared a lot more toward brick than stone (running wires through mortar joints between stones didn’t seem like a good idea to me).  How is anyone dealing with this these days?


Gordon Goodell