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Re: Rate of compensation for Structural Tech.

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Is this person a cad or revit operator or can they layout framing, understand what they're drawing, bring potential problems to your attention?

What are you billing them at? Region of the country will be a big factor as well. Probably what we pay in SF is a bit higher than most places due to cost of living, but then again, there are a lot of people looking for jobs (not all of them are great though).

Is he asking to be made a part owner, principle or just an associate?

I'm a big believer, having done 2 huge revit projects, that engineers should be operating revit and "techs" or drafters should just be making the prints and graphics look nice.

We have guys that are awesome with revit, but don't really understand what they're drawing. So someone like that, I wouldn't consider for that type of "leadership" position. But the ones that know what they're drawing AND can do revit and really help the engineer are very valuable.


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I would like to take a straw poll of what some companies are paying Structural Technicians.


We are a small company with one full time tech and one part time tech. Our full time person recently asked if he could get profit sharing on some Revit projects we provided where there was little interaction with an Engineer. Further discussions revealed that his issue was really more about having an opinion regarding how the company chooses to spend its money on other things, such as hiring a new employee, cell phones for the Owners, a new car for one of the Owners which replaced a 10+ year-old junker, etc. Our Tech is good, has been with us 4.5 years, Wisconsin company, we pay 100% health insurance and 3% to company simple (like a 401K) regardless if he puts in a dime, also receives 15 paid days off in addition to typical holidays.


What is a fair going rate for hourly salary?


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